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Enabling safer, faster, more effective clinical trials

Preparing for and executing clinical trials is expensive, comes with a certain level of risk, and is a time-consuming process. FEops’ simulation technology can give you more control over these parameters by providing unique pre-operative insights.

Reduce risk and sample size

Use FEops’ simulation technology to evaluate your technology in a broad pool of virtual patients. Perform in silico trials to unlock more insightful preclinical trials and safer, more targeted clinical trials that enroll the right patients.

In the long term, FEops aims to introduce simulations into clinical trials, with the ultimate goal of reducing the number of real patients by adding in silico patients. A clinical trial that includes in silico patients in the form of simulations will put fewer patients at risk and reduce time and costs for the trial sponsor.

Accelerate patient inclusion

Physicians and companies must be very conservative when defining inclusion criteria for patient safety during a clinical trial. Using solely preoperative imaging, patients in the ‘grey zone’ are systematically excluded from trials. By contrast, the detailed simulations offered by FEops’ simulation technology can provide a more accurate and reliable estimation of risk, narrowing the gray zone and increasing the recruitment rate.

FEops simulation technology helps to accelerate clinical trials by identifying more eligible patients