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Facilitating and accelerating structural heart device product launch

The successful launch of your new structural heart implant hinges on the initial success rate of clinical implantation. 

FEops’ simulation technology unlocks the power of personalized CM&S in the clinical education process, rapidly familiarizing physicians with your structural heart device and assisting them in evaluating size and positioning. Incentivize clinicians to endorse your device by contributing to lower risks and better outcomes and accelerate the implantation learning curve without putting patients at risk.

As the first predictive simulation tool for structural heart interventions, FEops’ simulation technology offers physicians detailed, preoperative 3D insights into the interaction of the implanted device with the patient’s anatomy. This includes the deformation of the implanted device, paravalvular leak, conduction abnormalities and left ventricular outflow tract obstruction.

FEops HEARTguide™ helps to accelerate physicians learning curve

accelerate physicians learning curve