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Streamlining and accelerating R&D

In the early phases of the design cycle, choosing the most promising prototype to develop comes with plenty of unknowns. FEops’ simulation technology provides product developers with cutting-edge computational simulations to help evaluate the performance of multiple prototypes in terms of radial strength, crimpability, fatigue safety, deployment behavior in validated virtual patients, and more.

Explore design alternatives without manufacturing them, test new design iterations by virtually implanting them into a wide range of accurate heart models and reduce the number of prototypes built. Compare simulated treatment outcomes before and after switching between virtual prototypes to enable precision design choices that target specific patient groups.

FEops also offers virtual design of experiments (DoEs) to assist you in selecting the most optimal device design. Contact our team for details. 

FEops simulation technology helps R&D to explore optimal design alternatives by virtually implanting them in accurate heart models

In this video, 9 different iterations of a fictive heart valve are virtually implanted in 3 different patients, allowing to define the optimal design in regards reducing to paravalvular leak and conduction abnormalities